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Armada Technologies designs, builds, and supports test and tool devices
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Recognizing Valve Brands by Solenoid Resistance

You can tell a number of things about an irrigation system using an ohm-meter right at the
controller. One useful test is to verify that all of the solenoids are alike, are AC or DC operated
and even who manufactured them. You can use the ohms function on the Armada Pro50 to
do this or any number of electrical multimeters.

Use the "Low Pass Filter" Setting on Milliampere Clamp-meters

The sensitive milliamp clamp-meters from Armada have an input filter that should be set for measuring current in lighting and irrigation systems. Using the filter will make measurements most consistent.

Getting Started with the Pro400 TDR

Tips on getting the setup screen done and getting started on a cable.

Reference Card for the Pro400 TDR

This card detailing recommended values for the TDR's Vp and some waveforms fits on the back of the Pro400 case.

How To Get The Most Out of The Inductive Trace Mode In Your Locator

Several Armada Technologies locators have an “inductive tracing” mode that allows the tracking of wire, pipe and cable without direct connection. Here are some tips to help use this safe and flexible technique.

Tracking Wires In A Low Voltage Lighting System

Cable locators can be great for tracking lighting system wiring. Here are some best practices for
doing it quickly and safely.

Will My Locator or Pulser GFL Damage Customer Equipment?

We are often asked if the high voltages produced by some testers like cable locators or ground fault locators will damage equipment in the system being detected. The answer is no as long as the tester is connected in a way that avoids stressing parts of the system.

Operate AC & DC Solenoids with the Pro48 Tester

Battery-operated irrigation controllers are in widespread use - they use “DC Latching Solenoids” to operate valves instead of the regular 24 VAC solenoids. If you want to be able to activate both you can use the popular Pro48 tester from Armada.

Products Focused on Cable/CATV Troubleshooting

5 Electronic Tools from Armada Technologies for Speedy Cable Troubleshooting

Quick Selection Guide for the Armada Wire, Cable and Valve Locator Family

A chart of the range of capability and rough price for the 2017 family of wire, cable and valve locators.