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Armada Technologies designs, builds, and supports test and tool devices
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Following Plastic Pipe with a Metal Fish Tape and a Locator

Any model of locator and any metal fish tape will work. Locators won't find plastic pipes with some metal to track.
The tape may not go around a small tee or other feature, but it will indicate the path of the pipe and how far it is to a blockage or valve. This can be handy.

Print Your Own 'Cheater Cards' for the Pro30 Multimeter

Shortcuts for non-electrical irrigation users can make this basic multimeter a great tool. Become an expert without knowing much about electricity.

How to Run a Quick Health Check on an Irrigation System

Perform a speedy check on an irrigation system with a Basic Electrical Multimeter or a Tester.

Get Armada's Smartphone App for Trubleshooting Irrigation Systems

A step by step guide for fault-finding in low voltage electrical irrigation systems. Compatible with Apple or Android tablets or phones.

Use Your Smartphone's QR Scanner to Get Product Videos

When you are in the field (or your company doesn't allow YouTube on your computer) you can scan one of the QR codes to go straight to a product training video.

Products Focused on Cable/CATV Troubleshooting

5 Electronic Tools from Armada Technologies for Speedy Cable Troubleshooting

Quick Selection Guide for the Armada Wire, Cable and Valve Locator Family

A chart of the range of capability and rough price for the 2017 family of wire, cable and valve locators.

Quick Start Guide for the Pro400 TDR and Coax Cable

Basic menu and test set-up for new users of the Pro400 Cable Fault Locator (TDR).

How to Use the Pro220A CATV Tracer Kit to Track Coax Cabling

When you need to identify a coax cable mid-span as well as identifying for certain at the far end with a tracing probe like the Pro210, here is a useful trick to cause the tracing signal to appear inside and outside the cable shield.