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Irrigation & Landscaping

Armada Technologies designs, builds, and supports test and tool devices

Underground Irrigation and Landscaping Wire Location

Everything you need for underground irrigation and landscape wire location ? and more.

Underground locating and testing for the irrigation industry is our first area of expertise, and it remains our flagship industry. Our wire and valve location and testing tools are geared to provide contractors and workers on the job the robust functionality and simple usability they need at costs low enough to keep profits high. In other words, if you need valve and wire locators that are precise, durable and affordable, look for the Armada Technologies brand.

Armada is known for its innovation. We now offer 6 different models of underground locators, 3 multimeters and an assortment of specialized testers that give us the broadest, most complete line of irrigation testers in the world. Yes, we?re #1.

For example, take our leading valve and wire locator for irrigation and landscaping: the Pro800 Hi-Power Underground Wire and Valve locator. Ideal for sprinkler and irrigation professionals, but used across the landscape lighting, invisible pet fencing and other industries as well, the Pro800 sets a new standard among its peers for functionality.

The Pro800, as well as many of our other locators, multimeters and testing tools, offers features you simply can't find in other models. A few features that make the Pro800 unique include: a rechargeable transmitter battery, with both car charging and outlet charging ports

  • 20% more transmitter power
  • wireless broadcast mode wire tracking ? no need to ground the connection
  • 99% elimination of noise interference
  • choose between null or peak tracking receiver mode

Pro800D Hi-Power Wire and Valve Locator

Pro800D Wire and Valve Locator

The Pro800D Underground Wire and Valve Locator for sprinkler and irrigation professionals sets a new standard for features and functionality.  The Pro800D replaces the best selling Pro800 locator, modifying the transmitter battery power from rechargeable to 8 D cell batteries.

Pro400 Handheld Graphical TDR Fault Finder

Pro400 Handheld Graphical TDR

The Pro400 Graphical TDR is a great tool for locating faults in metallic cables with 2 conductors.  Twisted pair, coax, LAN cabling, etc. are simple to test for distances to shorts, opens, etc.  By connecting the leads to the cable to test, a graphical display quickly and easily shows faults and events on that cable.

Pro900 Advanced Digital Cable and Wire/Valve Locator

The Pro900 Digital Underground Cable Locator is a full featured digital underground locator for contractors and maintenance personnel. Incorporating three different locating frequencies, the Pro900 tracks metallic cabling, including CATV, electrical, telephone, sprinkler, and lighting.

GFL3000 Ground Fault Locator

GFL3000 Ground Fault Locator
The GFL3000 is designed to pinpoint nicks or cuts in underground cables or wires where voltage is leaking to ground.  The GFL3000 transmits a powerful pulsed charge that is detected by the receiver at the top of the A-Frame. The receiver has an analog meter that kicks in the direction of ground faults. Following these kicks will quickly lead you to the exact location where electrical voltage is being lost to ground.

Pro95 Advanced True RMS Milliamp Clamp Meter

If you are looking for the ultimate milliamp clamp meter for 2-wire irrigation system troubleshooting and diagnostics, look no further than the All NEW Pro95 from Armada Technologies.

Pro700 Underground Wire and Sprinkler Valve Locator

Pro700 Underground Wire and Sprinkler Valve Locator

The Pro700 Underground Wire and Sprinkler Valve Locator is perfect for irrigation contractors and maintenance personnel. The Pro700 incorporates a powerful transmitter and sensitive receiver and tracks irrigation wires, finds missing sprinkler valves and detects serious damage or cut wires from vulnerable underground cabling.

Pro290 Mini Underground Wire Locator

This unique underground wire and cable tracer or locator consists of a 33 kHz transmitter and an easy-to-use handheld receiver with built in speaker and volume control. The Pro290 uses include landscape lighting, telecom drop wires, CATV lines, just about any metallic conductor that you can hook and alligator clip to. It is also great dog fence wiring, which does not require high powered, expensive locators. The Pro290 utilizes an easy-to-track 33khz signal and a null reception mode. But the best part is that it sets up in less than a minute!

Pro300 Residential Wire and Valve Locator

If you're a contractor working primarily with smaller wired systems, Armada's Pro300 is a perfect fit. Because underground wires and cables in residential sprinkler systems don't run for long distances, the Pro300 is the ideal product for your needs.

Pro48 Multi-Function Irrigation System Tester

The Pro48 Multi-Function Irrigation System Tester is a value-priced tester for irrigation contractors and maintenance personnel. This solenoid activator performs a series of simple procedures to test, verify and identify solenoid (including DC Latching), wire and clock problems.

Pro93 True RMS 2-Wire Milliamp Leakage Clamp Meter

Troubleshooting Multimeter for 2-Wire Underground Cable Systems

The Pro93 utilizes True RMS technology. True RMS stands for ?Root Mean Squared,? which is an obscure term if you?re not an electrical engineer. But in practice, it means the Pro93 uses the most accurate measuring system as compared to a conventional averaging clamp multimeter.

Pro48K Multi-Function Irrigation System Test Kit

The Pro48K Multi-Function Irrigation System Test Kit is a complete, portable battery-operated irrigation system diagnostic kit priced for easy purchase and ownership. This kit consists of a Pro48 Solenoid Activator, the Pro210F Advanced Filter Tone Probe and a Pro21 zippered carrying case.

Pro30 General Purpose Digital Multimeter

Pro30 Digital Multimeter

If you are searching for a basic multimeter tester for identifying wiring faults, look no further than the Armada Pro30 Digital Multimeter. The Pro30 will measure resistance, both AC and DC voltages, as well as amps. Not every job requires a sophisticated multimeter. A basic multimeter like the Pro30 does many jobs for a very small price. Anyone working with electricity should have one.

Pro90 Automatic Clamp Multimeter

The Pro90 is simple to use with easy-to-read display, perfect for experts and novices alike. With the Pro90, simplicity starts with a single button: the on/off switch. After one push of the button, this tester takes care of itself. The Pro90 automatically searches for voltages, then resistance. No need to use a dial to select what you are testing for, the Pro90 does it for you. The clamps jaws automatically display AC amperage down to .6 amps AC when clamped around one conductor of an active cable. The Pro90 turns itself off when it is not in use, and when you are working in the dark, the Pro90 screen automatically backlights. Troubleshooting has never been so easy.