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Pro290 Mini Underground Wire Locator

Armada Technologies designs, builds, and supports test and tool devices

A Mini Underground Wire Locator You Can Depend On

With a price you can't beat.

The Pro290 Mini Underground Wire Locator is the perfect tool for contractors working with landscape lighting, invisible pet fencing or any general wiring, including telephone or CATV.  The Pro290 is lightweight, simple, and effective.

This unique underground wire tracer consists of a transmitter and an easy-to-use handheld receiver.  The Pro290 utilizes a 33khz frequency and a null reception mode. But the best part is that it sets up in less than a minute! Simply connect the Pro290 red alligator clip to the wire to be tracked and black alligator clip to the included ground stake in the dirt, get a good ground LED indication, and track the beeps with the handheld receiver.  Pretty fast and pretty easy.


  • Power Output - 100 mw into 1K Ohms
  • Frequency - 33Khz
  • Weight - 3.5 pounds (complete kit)
  • Batteries - 8 "C" (transmitter) and 1 9-volt (not included)
  • Battery Life - Transmitter up to 200 hrs., Receiver wand up to 25 hrs.
  • Distance - Up to 1,000 feet
  • Depth - Up to 4 feet deep
  • Warranty - 12 months from date of purchase.

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