Pro65 Plastic Pipe Locating Accessory

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65 Foot Tracing Snake with Integral Sonde

World's Smallest Pipe Snake
Pro65 PVC Plastic Pipe Locator Accessory

The Armada Technologies model Pro65 Plastic Pipe Tracing Accessory (or snake) is a simple yet effective tool for tracing underground pipe or conduit that do not have an accompanying trace wire. The Pro65 is the world's smallest tracer, able to navigate 90 degree bend radius' of just under 2 inches. This means that some of the smallest PVC or plastic pipes can now be traced without digging or cutting the pipe. In the sprinkler world, simply remove the sprinkler head, insert the Pro65 into the pipe, and apply pressure to move it along the path. 1 1/4 inch pipe is no problem. At the end of the Pro65 is a sonde, which acts like a beacon and sound spot when used with a 33KhZ transmitting locator. The Pro65 works with any locator to track path but the sonde tip requires 33KhZ for the extra sound boost.

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