Pro2TK 2-Wire Test Kit

The Armada Technologies Pro2TK 2-Wire Test Kit holds everything necessary to test 2-Wire Irrigation Systems, all stored in one place. Clients expect a professional appearance and the Pro2TK gives that. This professional-grade kit is easy to bring with you on the job and holds all the essentials. The mesh storage section can hold wipes, wire nuts, cords, etc.

• Hard Shell Plastic Case with Steel Hinges
• Firm Foam Insert Custom Fit for Testers and Strippers.
• Mesh Lid Pouch for Cords and Smaller Accessories.
• Includes the Pro50 Digital Tester, Pro95i Milliamp Multimeter, Pro55 Stainless Steel Wire Strippers, Pro210F Probe, Scrubbuz Pack.
• Replaceable Latches.