Pro30™ General Purpose Digital Multimeter

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Our Easy to Use Digital Multimeter

If you’re searching for a general-purpose multimeter for identifying wiring faults, look no further than Armada’s Pro30™ Digital Multimeter.  Test capability includes resistance, amperage, and either AC or DC voltage.  The Pro30™ comes with a troubleshooting cheat sheet for irrigation included in the package.

On-the-Go Simplicity

Multimeters are extremely handy when it comes to determining whether the electrical characteristics of a circuit are in a parameter.

For example, by setting the Pro30™ to VAC, then inserting it into a wall outlet, you can quickly determine the actual voltage available (or even if there is no voltage at all) at that outlet.

Quality You Can Count On

We know there are a lot of inexpensive multimeters out there, but the Pro30™ offers the best value for several reasons, including the fact that the leads (or red and black cords) wrap around the body of the tester and snap into place when they’re not in use. This keeps them organized and out of the way. The Pro30™ also comes with a protective case and an A23 battery.


  • DCV: 0-500V
  • ACV: 0-500V
  • DCA: 0-200mA
  • Resistance: 0-2Mohm
  • Audible continuity: <50ohmDiode test
  • Battery: A23 (included)