Scrubbuz™ Silicone Sealant Gel Removing Wipes

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Scrubbuz™ are designed to remove some of the toughest messes of gel and goo faced by contractors. Waterproof wire nuts and caps get messy. Hands, tools, and clothing get coated with the sticky material that won’t come off easily with simple wipes. Scrubbuz combination of dual coarse sides gives it more cleaning power than the average wipes. One side provides optimal scrubbing power with teeth to grab onto any rough stains. The other side finishes your clean with a smooth and soft polish. Infused with gel remover, greasy messes stand no chance against Scrubbuz™ extra strong material and cleaning formulation.


  • Quickly removes silicone gunk
  • Special dual-texture cloth surface
  • Super size with 2X ordinary wiping area
  • Stays moist longer – over an hour working time after opening
  • Safe for your hands
  • Resealable pack of 20


Packaging: 10-pack point of purchase box with individual resealable packs