Multi-Function Irrigation Testers

Armada Technologies designs, builds, and supports test and tool devices

Multifunction irrigation testers are handy tools to have in any irrigators toolbox.  Start with solenoid activation.  The new Pro50 Digital and Pro48 Analog can identify zones by activating the solenoid, especially helpful with a suspect or missing clock or just to tag wires and ID them.  The associated chatter function does the same operation intermittently, a great way to find overgrown or covered valve boxes.  These testers also work as a multimeter specific to irrigation, with an LCD screen or LEDs that show the specific condition of zone wires and solenoids as well as clock condition.  Finally, they act as tone tracing sources so that, when used in conjunction with the Pro210F Advanced Tone Probe, a contractor can identify specific wires.

Pro50 Digital AC/DC Solenoid Activator w/Multimeter

Old, antiquated solenoid testers are no match for the brand new Pro50 from Armada. Let's face it, LED testers went out with the 90's. Digital is the best way to test, activate, chatter, and diagnose as digital processors can be programmed to deal with any situation.

Pro48 Multi-Function Irrigation System Tester

The Pro48 Multi-Function Irrigation System Tester is a value-priced tester for irrigation contractors and maintenance personnel. This solenoid activator performs a series of simple procedures to test, verify and identify solenoid (including DC Latching), wire and clock problems.

Pro48K Multi-Function Irrigation System Test Kit

The Pro48K Multi-Function Irrigation System Test Kit is a complete, portable battery-operated irrigation system diagnostic kit priced for easy purchase and ownership. This kit consists of a Pro48 Solenoid Activator, the Pro210F Advanced Filter Tone Probe and a Pro21 zippered carrying case.