“I purchased a home with a sprinkler system, but the previous owner was unable to provide any information on solenoid valve locations in the yard.  All of the valve boxes were completely overgrown with turf and I had a bad valve I needed to find (leaking through in closed position).  Once setup, the Pro900 locators were able to trace all 9 of my sprinkler valve boxes in about an hour with surprising accuracy- most within about a 6-8” radius of the alert location.  Thank you to Armada for producing a quality product to make this job easy!”

Matt, Hudsonville, MI

“I don’t write testimonials, but I just have to this time.   I spent most of day in 100 degree weather digging and probing trying to locate a break in a 220′ long underground 230v line between my house and boat dock I took a chance (not expecting much for the price) and bought your Pro290™. The break was pinpointed in 45 minutes – and that included reading the instructions! Injecting the signal on a “good conductor” allowed me to quickly trace the entire path. Anomalies along the way turned out to be transitions from direct burial to PVC conduit.   Switching to the broken conductor showed me right where the break was because of the instant falloff of received signal. Yep – I dug up a poorly done splice in a junction box. Piece of cake!   Next, I will push a metal fish tape into a 1″ PVC irrigation line, to find out where this mystery line runs.   My Pro290™ is cost effective tool that does exactly what you said it should do.”
-Marc, Cedar Creek Lake, TX 

“Seems like the armada is great. Have you used a [brand] locator?” “Yes, I have. That’s actually the tool I learned on. I used it for a long time before I stopped being hard-headed and started using the 900 locator. #gamechanger Nothing against [brand]. The Armada Pro900 is simply the best tool for the task. Hands down. It’s not only my opinion. It’s the opinion of every Armada Pro900 Owner/User. (This is not a paid advertisement this is 100% my opinion.” 
– Contractor

“I just wanted to take a moment to share with you how impressed I am with the Pro800™ locator we purchased last year. We have always used (name deleted) locators in the past and felt it was time to make a change. I, as well as my employees, am amazed at the accuracy of your locator. Even my guys who have very little experience tracing wire breaks or valves can use this locator with confidence that they will find what they are looking for. I fully intend on purchasing one or two more in the very near future. Great product! In my opinion a must have for any irrigation service contractor.”
– Eric, Milwaukee, WI

“I was lucky to be able to purchase a Pro800™ from [a supply store] in Palm Bay, Florida. It works fantastic way, way better than [the brand] I was using.”
– Bill, FL

“Just had to share some feedback with you. The first Pro800™ I sold to [a contractor] the first day he used it he found a valve two feet under a bottlebrush tree. He said his [other locator brand] never even got close. [Another contractor] bought one yesterday and found three valves they had been looking for a week in a matter of minutes. Both contractors are raving about how well the Pro800™ works. Got to love it when they are so happy with a new product.”
– Anonymous