Cable TV & Telecom

Cable TV & Telecom Cable and Fault Locators

That’s Armada Technologies.

Whether you run a one man telephone system repair business or manage a fleet of cable TV service providers, Armada Tech’s underground cable locators, TDR, and CATV specific tone and probe kits provide the capabilities, ease of use, and affordability you need to get the job done. Armada testers and locators are approved and in use at America’s largest CATV companies right now.  With designs based on the feedback we receive from our own industry experts (ie. our customers), our underground cable and fault locators offer features you simply cannot find in comparable cable locators. Additionally, we’ve secured manufacturing partnerships that allow us to pass cost savings down to you, helping you keep your ROI and productivity high.

Your satisfaction with our cable and fault locators is the most important part of our business. That is why our product features are based on feedback from end users, the ones who use these tools every day on the job.  That’s why we’ve created a library of training videos. You should never be at a loss when you are using an Armada Technologies cable locator.

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