Wire and Valve Locators

Armada Technologies designs, builds, and supports test and tool devices

Why Rely on Armada’s Wire Location & Testing Tools?

Simple usability, quick test results. Our underground wire and valve locators, multimeters and solenoid checkers feature easy-to-read controls and simple connectors designed to make accurate wire location and diagnosis fast and easy for anyone? from expert contractors to brand new employees.

Pro800 Wire and Valve Locator

Enhanced capabilities. Our wire and valve testing tools offer many features that aren’t available on other models at the same price point, such as the Pro800’s wireless broadcast mode and rechargeable transmitter battery.

Priced for ownership. High-priced testing tools can quickly dwindle a contractor’s or a company’s profit. That’s why Armada Technologies’ testing tools offer the perfect balance of quality, functionality, and affordability: so you can get the precision testing you need without sacrificing profit margin.

Wire & Valve Location Beyond Expectations

Digital takes wire and valve locating to a new level.

Take our flagship product, the Pro900 Digital Underground Wire and Valve Locator. We’ve listened to what our customers have to say, and as a result, we’ve upgraded the standard locator model to include many features you simply can’t find in similarly priced locators.

Simple controls; 20% more transmitter power; complete AC interference removal/filtering; wireless broadcast mode; IC3 inductive clamp.  These are just a few features of Armada’s technologically advanced Pro900 digital underground wire and valve locator.

The Pro900, along with many other Armada tools, have dominated irrigation blogs, message boards, and distributor counters because they can do what no other wire and valve locators can do.

Learn more about the Pro900, or browse testing tools for the irrigation and landscaping industries.