Why Rely on Armada Multimeters?

Uniqueness.  The Armada Pro95 milliamp clamp meter with True RMS technology is a high tech solution to small amperage draws.  True RMS means 100% accurate, all the time.  Used in many fields, including 2-wire irrigation troubleshooting, the Armada Pro95 meter offers high performance at a value price.

Value. Price isn’t everything.  What your buying has to do the job and do it well.  Products that do great work at reasonable prices represent value.  Armada product are just that; products that do the job but don’t kill your budget.

Durability. Precision and reliability are important.  That is why we offer industry-leading design and support. You have our word (and our warranty) on it. Take a look at our line of multimeters, including our Pro30 Digital Multimeter, the Pro90 Automatic Clamp Meter, and the advanced Pro95i True RMS Milliamp Clamp Meters.

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