Invisible Fencing

Invisible Fence Wire Locators

Invisible dog and pet containment may be a niche industry, but that does not mean it requires any less skill or precision than cable TV, irrigation or landscape lighting. Armada Technologies’ underground wire locators and test tools give invisible fence service professionals the precision they need to get the job done, without an inflated cost to own.

Start with the Pro871C™.  It has everything a professional pet fence contractor would need.  If budget is an issue, the Pro290™ is a simple, single function locator that can do the job as well.  Pet fence cables and breaks are usually fairly simple as they are short, shallow, and looped.

Also take a look at the GFL3000™ Ground Fault Locator.  For nicks and breaks, there is nothing better.  If you are a contractor that runs into this more often, the investment is well worth it.

Simple, easy-to-use controls and receivers allow anyone to quickly locate or diagnose underground wiring. Backed by a comprehensive catalog of training videos, industry leading customer service, and value pricing, Armada Technologies’ testing tools are a cut above in the invisible pet fencing industry.