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Pro220A™ Advanced AC Filtered CATV Tone and Probe Kit

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Designed Specifically for Cable TV Use

The Pro220A™ Advanced AC Filtered CATV Tone and Probe ID Kit incorporates features specifically for the cable TV industry.  First, the tone generator uses both male and female F connectors for easy interface with CATV cabling.  Second, both the Pro110A™ Tone Generator and Pro210F™ AC Filter Probe utilize AA batteries, which are commonly available at any CATV facility and provide 250+ hours of operation.  Third, the Pro210F™ probe is highly advanced, with AC filtering technology to reduce interior AC noise interference and buzz.  In addition, the Pro210F™ has a high powered LED headlight for dark areas.  And standby features like headset jack, low battery light, and volume control are all included.

The Pro210F™ AC Filtered Tone Probe includes:

  • AA Battery Power (4) for 250+ Hours of Operation.
  • Bright Automatic LED Headlight/Flashlight.
  • Single-button control with a comfortable, tactile feel.
  • AC Noise Filter Reduction design allows use in high interference areas.
  • Headset Jack.
  • High sensitivity side-mounted volume control.
  • Metal/Plastic Combination Tip to Give Maximum Response but Still Protect Sensitive Hardware.

The Pro110A CATV Tone Generator includes:

  • LED Transmit On Light.
  • Short circuit test with visible and audible indicators
  • Male or Female Coax F, RJ11 or Alligator Clip Connection
  • AA Battery Power (4) for 250+ hours of operation.
  • Self-piercing Telco Clips

Zippered carrying case included.