Pro400™ Handheld Graphical TDR Cable Fault Finder

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Our Graphical Fault Finder

The Pro400™ Graphical TDR is a great tool for locating faults in metallic cables with 2 conductors.  Twisted pair, coax, LAN cabling, etc. are simple to test for distances to shorts, opens, etc.  By connecting the leads to the cable to test, a graphical display quickly and easily shows faults and events on that cable.   In addition, the Pro400™ transmits a standard analog tracing tone for use with common tone probes to find the termination point of a cable.

Features of the Pro400™ include backlit display, auto-off, calibration of VOP from 20 to 99%, 4 cable impedance level options, a virtually zero dead zone, and IP54 water/dust protection.  The Pro400™ is truly a big bang for the buck.