Pro50™ Digital AC/DC Solenoid Activator w/Multimeter

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Activate, Chatter, Test AC and/or DC Systems, and Power Up 2-wire Systems

The brand new Pro50™ from Armada, features improved technology that topples that of old, antiquated solenoid testers. As digital processors can be programmed to deal with any situation, digital is the best way to test, activate, chatter, and diagnose. These digital capabilities allow the Pro50™ to test AC, DC, high resistance, and any low-voltage solenoid out there as well as power up a 2-wire system. The digital LCD screen sets it apart from older analog models, but the digital multimeter is what really separates them. This digital multimeter allows users to power up 2-wire systems with its own button for ease of use. Since different solenoids have different resistances, the digital multimeter diagnoses actual voltages and resistances. This lets users decide what is good and what is not. For example, old solenoid testers are hard-wired for a 20 to 60-ohm good range. Some DC solenoids read less than 20 ohms and will be diagnosed as short. On the Armada Pro50™, a 4-ohm solenoid reads as 4 ohms, thereby correctly identifying it as a good working solenoid. Digital is smarter.

In addition to digital features, the Pro50™ also sends a tracing tone for wire identification. The Pro50™ uses 4 AA batteries for longer life. For long-term affordability, the Pro50™ features 24-inch detachable alligator leads (cords) so that if they deteriorate, they are easily replaceable. All for about $30 more than the old solenoid testers. Also, a kit version, the Pro50K™, comes with the Pro50™, Pro210F™ Filter Probe, and a zippered carry case is available.