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Pro90™ Automatic Clamp Multimeter

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With the Pro90™ Automatic Clamp Meter, Simplicity Starts Here

The Pro90™ Automatic Clamp Multimeter is simple to use with easy-to-read controls, perfect for experts and novices alike. With the Pro90™, simplicity starts with a single button: the on/off switch. It is the only switch on the Pro90™ and the only switch that you need.  After one push of the button to turn it on, the Pro90™ takes care of itself.  The Pro90™ automatically measures voltage, resistance, and amperage, as well as turns itself off when it’s not in use.  It even automatically backlights when you’re working in the dark, the screen automatically lights. Troubleshooting has never been so easy.

How Does This Automatic Clamp Multimeter Work?

Just connect the Pro90™ test leads to the circuit to be tested, and it will automatically:

  • Test for voltage from 1.3 to 600 volts AC or to 1,000 volts DC. If it senses voltage, the Pro90™ multimeter measures it, including automatically setting the correct range and determining if the voltage is AC or DC.
  • If the Pro90™ doesn’t detect any voltages, it automatically switches to resistance or ohm measurement, again auto-ranging, up to 10k ohms.
  • A continuity buzzer sounds at less than 25 ohms.
  • The clamp is also used for measuring AC currents from .6 to 400 amps. Just clamp on to one leg of your electrical circuit and it will do the rest.

The Pro90™ comes complete with a carrying case, red and black probe leads, and a 9-volt alkaline battery.

With the Pro90™, identifying the type and severity of electrical problems is quick and easy.

Order your Pro90™ today.