Armada Technologies introduces the new Pro50™ AC/DC Digital Solenoid Activator with built in multimeter. Irrigation troubleshooting starts with testing the clock and zones at the clock. The suite of testing includes voltage output at the zone as well as the loop resistance on the wiring and solenoid for each zone. The Pro50™ can not only do these tests as the old analog solenoid activators can, but it can do it for all low voltage solenoids, not just 20-60 ohm AC models. That means DC and high resistance solenoids for lightning protection can be tested, diagnosed, and operated/chattered, all from one tester. The Pro50’s built in multimeter can test for AC, DC, and ohms and is voltage protected to 120 volts. This more detailed information, given by the multimeter, replace the “dumb” LED lights that have no flexibility or ability to interpret results like a multimeter does.

Now of course, the Pro50™ does everything an older analog solenoid activator does. But it adds the broader range of solenoids activatable and the multimeter that make it well worth the extra $30 it costs to buy one. In addition, the incorporation of AA battery power and detachable standard multimeter leads for easy field replacement improve the long term reliability of the Pro50™.