Pro881 Underground Cable Locator with Inductive Clamp

Easier, faster, less complicated, …and with digital performance.

The Pro881™ Underground Cable Locator is an easy, fast operating digital locator designed to get the job done quickly and accurately. Minimal settings make the Pro881™ a great choice for new or seasoned maintenance staff. Incorporating three different locating frequencies, the Pro881™ tracks many types of cabling, including irrigation, CATV, electrical, telephone, and lighting. The Pro881™ incorporates digital reception filtration to eliminate unwanted AC noise and interference for efficient, uncomplicated locates.

The Pro881™ includes the IC4 inductive clamp, injecting a 175 kHz tracing signal onto energized or de-energized cabling while the digital filters remove signals that are not desired. Inductive locating allows non-contact connection of tracing signal, avoiding dangerous electrical voltages or disconnection of traced cable.


Scrubbuz™ is designed to remove some of the toughest messes of gel and goo faced by contractors. Waterproof wire nuts and caps get messy. Hands, tools, and clothing get coated with a sticky material that won’t come off easily with simple wipes. Scrubbuz’s combination of dual coarse sides gives it more cleaning power than the average wipes. One side provides optimal scrubbing power with teeth to grab onto any rough stains. The other side finishes your clean with a smooth and soft polish. Infused with gel remover, greasy messes stand no chance against Scrubbuz™ extra strong material and cleaning formulation.

Product Features:

  • Quickly removes silicone gunk.
  • Special dual-texture cloth surface.
  • Supersize with 2X ordinary wiping area.
  • Stays moist longer – over an hour of working time.
  • Safe for your hands.
  • Resealable pack of 20.

Pro95i True RMS Milliamp Clamp Multimeter

Armada lives and breathes irrigation testing.  We have for over 16 years.  Our 4th generation 2-wire milliamp clamp meter proves it again.  The Pro95i is the latest and greatest milliamp clamp meter on the market.  Nothing does what it can do for you. It features slip-on alligator clips, LPF standing for low pass filter which comes standard, wide default resistance readings up to 600K ohms, and English/Spanish directions with a quickie setting and meter reading guide.


Armada Technologies introduces the new Pro50™ AC/DC Digital Solenoid Activator with built in multimeter. Irrigation troubleshooting starts with testing the clock and zones at the clock. The suite of testing includes voltage output at the zone as well as the loop resistance on the wiring and solenoid for each zone. The Pro50™ can not only do these tests as the old analog solenoid activators can, but it can do it for all low voltage solenoids, not just 20-60 ohm AC models. That means DC and high resistance solenoids for lightning protection can be tested, diagnosed, and operated/chattered, all from one tester. The Pro50’s built in multimeter can test for AC, DC, and ohms and is voltage protected to 120 volts. This more detailed information, given by the multimeter, replace the “dumb” LED lights that have no flexibility or ability to interpret results like a multimeter does.

Now of course, the Pro50™ does everything an older analog solenoid activator does. But it adds the broader range of solenoids activatable and the multimeter that make it well worth the extra $30 it costs to buy one. In addition, the incorporation of AA battery power and detachable standard multimeter leads for easy field replacement improve the long term reliability of the Pro50™.