Pro881 Underground Cable Locator with Inductive Clamp

Easier, faster, less complicated, …and with digital performance.

The Pro881™ Underground Cable Locator is an easy, fast operating digital locator designed to get the job done quickly and accurately. Minimal settings make the Pro881™ a great choice for new or seasoned maintenance staff. Incorporating three different locating frequencies, the Pro881™ tracks many types of cabling, including irrigation, CATV, electrical, telephone, and lighting. The Pro881™ incorporates digital reception filtration to eliminate unwanted AC noise and interference for efficient, uncomplicated locates.

The Pro881™ includes the IC4 inductive clamp, injecting a 175 kHz tracing signal onto energized or de-energized cabling while the digital filters remove signals that are not desired. Inductive locating allows non-contact connection of tracing signal, avoiding dangerous electrical voltages or disconnection of traced cable.